Yin-deficient Constitution

Dryness, lack of water, fear of heat

Yin deficiency constitution refers to the deficiency of body essence and blood, loss of the function of moistening viscera and nourishing meridian skin, and biased inflammation of deficiency fire.
It just looks healthy.

Symptoms of Yin Deficiency and Internal Heat:

Upset insomnia
Often feel chest tightness, emotional instability, inattention, easy to wake up at night insomnia.

Skin dull
The skin of Yin deficiency patients lacks moisturization, dryness and lustre, poor complexion, frequent aphthous ulcers, red tongue and constipation.

Fever of hands and feet
The body temperature of Yin deficiency patients is normal, but the palms and feet are feverish, as is the case in winter.

Yin deficiency patients have strong stomach fire, can eat and drink, but metabolize fast, how to eat is not fat, body vigorous, muscle relaxation.

Dizziness and tiredness
Fewer body fluids can lead to nutrient loosening and burning, leading to physical weakness, dizziness and fatigue.

Diseases easily caused by Yin deficiency and internal heat:

tuberculosis Yin deficiency is characterized by weakness of Qi and blood, loss of Yin essence and decrease of immunity. Viruses can easily multiply the deficiency to cause tuberculosis, such as tuberculosis, intestinal tuberculosis, bone tuberculosis, lymph node nucleus and so on.
Habitual insomniaInsomnia is easily caused by the change of climate, mood, diet and environment.
constipationDeficiency of Yin in the body water, easy to cause intestinal function decline, leading to constipation. And urine is also small and yellow, even if often drinking water is difficult to improve.
StainThe skin of Yin deficiency is prone to water shortage, and dirt can not be discharged, which causes spots, especially those with Yin deficiency and fire dryness.
Mouth ulcer Yin deficiency and internal heat cause great fire in peipei, which easily causes oral ulcer. Moreover, the skin of the patients with Yin deficiency and internal heat is dry, the lips are easy to crack, and they are more prone to aphtha.
Menstrual shorteningWomen with Yin deficiency and internal heat often have premenstrual menstruation and shorter menstrual period. If not treated in time, they may even have amenorrhea.
Hypertension and hyperlipidemiaAlthough the Yin deficiency people are thin, but Yin deficiency to a certain extent, excessive water shortage in the body, will lead to blood viscosity, blood lipid rise.
Upset insomniaFewer body fluids can lead to nutrient loosening and burning, leading to physical weakness, dizziness and fatigue.
DiabetesIn the early stage of diabetes, Yin deficiency is the main cause, and thirst is always present, but how much water is not enough to quench thirst, and dry lips are like white frost.
tumourPeople with Yin deficiency constitution are prone to tumors due to long-term emotional depression and tendency of blood stasis. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the occurrence of symptoms such as unknown mass, sclerosis and hematochezia, and timely examination of the feces.

Causes of Yin Deficiency and Internal Heat:

Always stay up late
Staying up late leads to body fluid consumption and Yin deficiency. Women’s menstruation, belt, birth, milk and so on will consume most blood, but also easy to cause Yin deficiency.

Emotional depression
If the mood is not relaxed for a long time, it will melt down and turn into fire, thus promoting internal heat and depleting Yin and essence.

Innate endowment
Parents are Yin deficiency constitution, which can easily be inherited to the next generation.

Food drying
Long-term use of dry food, such as pepper, ginger, garlic and so on, can promote internal fire, which can easily lead to Yang Sheng and Yin Shuai.

Long-term medication
Hypertension and heart disease patients take diuretic drugs for a long time to promote fluid excretion, thereby promoting birth or aggravating Yin deficiency.

The prescription of nourishing yin and nourishing blood:

Keep in a good mood
Happy mood can soothe liver qi, promote hematopoiesis and enhance immunity.

Diet rehabilitation
Eat more food that is helpful to hematopoiesis, quit smoking and drink less, do not eat preferentially, and pay attention to keeping the spleen and stomach healthy.

Adhere to half an hour of exercise every day, enhance physical fitness, but after middle age should not wear joints exercise.

Pay attention to hemorrhagic diseases
Hemorrhagic diseases should be treated as soon as possible to avoid excessive consumption of blood gas. We should minimize the number of births and abortions.

Drug recuperation
The use of drugs and prescriptions conducive to nourishing qi and blood, under the guidance of doctors, can also be made into medicinal diet.

Develop good habits
Combine work and leisure, stay up late, work and rest regularly, and control sexual life

The diet of Yin deficiency and internal heat should be avoided.

Vegetables should be avoided

Suitable Winter melon, luffa, bitter melon, cucumber, spinach, lotus root, tremella, lily, bean curd, mung bean sprout, Flammulina velutipes, amaranth, celery, water lily, white radish, eggplant, tomato, mushroom, mushroom, laver kelp
Avoid Leek

Meat should be avoided

Suitable Pork, pig brain, pig lung, pig hoof, rabbit, meat, duck, goose, turtle, frog, crab, carp, eel, clam, field snail, jellyfish skin, clam, oyster, sea cucumber, abalone, salted vegetable, duck eggs
Avoid Mutton, dog, shrimp, shrimp, deer, mutton, kidney, silver carp, eel and shad

Fruit should be avoided

Suitable Sugarcane, banana, pear, persimmon, lemon, apple, mulberry, mango, pineapple, coconut, water chestnut, lotus seed, water melon, pomegranate, grape, rice, sesame, pine nut and black bean
Avoid Apricot, Laurel and Black Date Durian