Yang-deficient Constitution

Fear cold! Fear cold! Fear cold! Eat hot and wear warm clothes.
Zhang Jiebin, a doctor of Ming Dynasty, said, “Heaven’s treasure is only a pill of red sun; man’s treasure is only the real sun.” Yang deficiency is that the red sun is not so warm.

Symptoms of Yang Deficiency and External Cold:

Yang deficiency is characterized by insufficient gastrointestinal motility, incomplete digestion of food and frequent diarrhea.

Fear cold
Yang deficiency in the body Yang deficiency, abdomen, back is particularly afraid of cold, cold hands over elbows in winter, feet over knees.

Pulse condition is thin and weak
Yang deficiency patients have insufficient motive force of blood circulation, and their pulse is weak

Big tongue
The deficiency of Yang leads to insufficient water consumption in the body, leading to fat and delicate tongue and obvious dental marks on the edge.

Low spirits
Yang deficiency is characterized by insufficient kidney-yang, mental depression, quiet personality, excessive urine, decreased sexual desire, hair loss, dark circles of eyes and other symptoms.

Be careful:
In addition to the above symptoms, Yang deficiency can also lead to frequent nocturnal urination, lower limb swelling, women’s menstruation reduced, delayed, increased leucorrhea and so on. It should be noted that the above symptoms are very common and normal in the elderly, so there is no need to make a fuss, but if they occur in young people, they are mostly Yang deficiency.

Diseases easily caused by Yang deficiency and external cold:

Fat, hair loss
Pulse, fine appetite and Yang deficiency are easy to get fat, and hair is easy to fall off, forming early baldness.
Poor sleepPeople with deficiency of body Yang tend to wake up during sleep, often insomnia, leading to haggard face and dark circles of eyes.
Osteoporosis Osteoporosis is closely related to kidney-yang. People with Yang deficiency are prone to osteoporosis after menopause. Chronic colitis is also closely related to Yang deficiency.
Rheumatic arthralgiaYang deficiency is attacked by wind, cold and dampness pathogens, bloodstream obstruction, resulting in joint rheumatism pain, especially after middle age.
EdemaBody Yang deficiency, then the Yin can not be transpired and diffused, but stagnated in the local, such as near the ankle joint, forming edema.
Dysmenorrhea palace coldYang deficiency women often have dysmenorrhea, delayed menstruation, amenorrhea and other symptoms, which should be treated in time, otherwise it is easy to lead to uterine cold, or even infertility.
Sexual dysfunctionYang deficiency is often characterized by low sexual function, female apathy, impotence, premature ejaculation and slippery bun in men. .
AcneIf it is hot and cold, deficiency Yang floating, it is easy to lead to repeated attacks of acne inflammation, and life-long scarring, at this time clearing away heat and anti-inflammation, but the opposite is true.
Suffer from coldYang deficiency suffers from cold easily or aggravates various pains, such as chest pain, abdominal pain, headache, joint pain, etc.
Mixed with other constitutionsYang deficiency leads to poor blood flow and no transpiration of water. In the long run, it will promote blood stasis and phlegm-dampness constitution.

Causes of Yang Deficiency and External Cold:

Wear not warm
That is to say, “to be graceful and not warm”, often exposed shoulders, waists and legs, will also lead to or aggravate Yang deficiency.

Sexual indulgence, excessive sexual life, uncontrolled, etc., can lead to or aggravate Yang deficiency.

Long-term medication
Long-term use of antibiotics, diuretics and hormones can lead to or aggravate Yang deficiency.

Food cold
Regular preventive drinking of herbal tea, like to eat frozen, cold food, etc., will also lead to or aggravate Yang deficiency.

Cold environment
It is easy to form Yang deficiency when working in cold environment such as cold storage or overusing air conditioning.

Congenital endowment
The cold constitution of the fetus may be caused by the deficiency of Yang in the parents, or the old age of marriage and childbearing, or the cold food overeating during pregnancy.

Mental health of people with Yang deficiency and cold outside:

1.See more sunshine
Adequate increase of indoor lighting, the house furnishings are mainly bright tones.
2. Listen to more lively music
Active and exciting music can well mobilize people’s quiet mood, and can also go to KTV to sing these songs.
 3.Increase outdoor sports
Sports can make people think purely upward and forget unhappy. Exercise is a good way to relieve depression.

Living and health preservation of people with Yang deficiency and cold outside:

Pay attention to body warmth
Especially in autumn and winter, we should pay attention to the joint, waist, abdomen, neck, back and feet, and use air conditioning at least in summer.

People with Yang deficiency should see more sunshine, and should do more protection in sunshine. In summer, it is better to go out before 10 am and after 3 p.m. in order to prevent osteoporosis, middle-aged and elderly people should bask in the sun.

Avoid staying up late
Staying up late is actually to mobilize Yang Qi, so that it can not be rested and thus aggravate Yang deficiency, usually at night should not exceed 11 o’clock to sleep, winter should not exceed 10 o’clock.

More exercise
Yang deficiency should do more outdoor sports, and long-term adherence to the principle of interest and convenience, at the same time, it is best not to sweat a lot.

Diet should be avoided for those with Yang deficiency and internal heat:

Vegetables should be avoided

Suitable Chinese chive, white garlic, chaotic pepper, coriander, lentil, bean, ginger, fennel, pumpkin, onion, soybean sprout yam
Avoid Mung bean sprouts, balsam pear, cucumber, loofah, celery, bamboo shoots, amaranth, shepherd’s purse, white eggplant, kelp, laver and Tremella

Meat should be avoided

Suitable Mutton, beef, dog meat, venison, bullwhip, deer, whip, chicken, shrimp, eel, sea cucumber, abalone, mussel, silver carp, Carassius auratus, hairtail, pig belly, pig liver and fire leg.
Avoid Rabbit meat, crab, field snail, carp, eel, clam, bramble, jellyfish, clam skin, oyster, bullfrog, duck meat

Fruit should be avoided

Suitable Jujube (dry) black jujube, cherry, durian, lychee, cashew, chestnut, apricot, bayberry, walnut, pinecone
Avoid Orange, grapefruit, banana, watermelon, dragon, persimmon, pear, loquat, sugar cane, melon, water chestnut ,green tea