What foods can improve nutritional anemia?

grainsBuckwheat (with skin)
BeansAdzuki Beans
Flower bean
Snow pea
Four bean
Adzuki bean porridge
Flower beans (purple)
bean productsYuba
Red bean paste
Red bean stuffing
rhizomesWater celery
cauliflowerbegonia fimbristipula
mushroomsAgaric (watery)
Melons and fruitspeach
Yellow peach
Fresh jujube
Ziziphus jujuba
Black jujube
Dates in liquor
Sunflower seed
Fried sunflower seeds
sunflower seed
Sunflower seeds (cooked)
Pork (rear hip tip)
Pork (back elbow)
Pork (rib meat)
Pork (front elbow)
Pork lean meat *
Pork (leg)
Beef (ribs)
Beef (hind leg)
Beef (back tendon)
Beef (tenderloin)
Beef (front leg)
Beef (front tendon)
Mutton (frozen)
Mutton (neck)
Mutton (tenderloin)
Mutton (breast)
Chicken liver
Chicken blood
Black bone chicken
Wild pheasant
Duck liver
Duck blood
Duck’s gizzard
Duck’s egg
Brown sugar

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