The most important relationship between longevity and eating patterns

Medical proof: 90% of personal life depends on the living habits

With the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more people pay attention to healthy diet. Do you know that bad eating habits can affect our life span? Do you know what you would like to have for dinner in a healthy diet?

1. do not eat breakfast. The danger of not eating breakfast is that it hurts our stomach, makes us unable to work energetically, and shortens our life span. Suggestion: try to make delicious breakfast foods, appetizers; sufficient quantity and better quality; small volume, high heat; preparation is time-saving and labor-saving; in the choice of food should pay attention to both meat and vegetables.

The most important relationship between longevity and eating patterns

2. wonderful dinner. Harm: insulin in the blood when the evening for a day in the peak of insulin enables glucose into fat condensed in the vascular wall and abdominal wall, eat dinner too big, in the course of time, human obesity. At the same time,  usually long, sumptuous dinner can also destroy the body’s normal biological clock, which can make people suffer from insomnia.

  • First, it is suggested that everyone’s dinner should be eaten as early as possible, so that the incidence of urolithiasis can be greatly reduced.
  • Second elements to eat dinner. Dinner must be partial, especially should eat more fresh vegetables, as far as possible to reduce excessive protein, fat food intake.
  • Third, a small dinner. Generally speaking, the quantity of heat provided by dinner is not more than 30% of the total heat of the whole meal.

3. eating too fast
Hazards: increase the burden of gastroenteritis, leading to obesity. Eating too fast food, have not been fully chewing, is not conducive to the initial digestion of food and saliva in the mouth of the starch, increase the burden on the stomach; chewing time is too short, the vagus nerve is still in excessive excitement, if things go on like this, due to excessive appetite and obesity.

Suggestions: we should chew at dinner, so every day must have enough time to eat dinner.

4. lack of water
Hazards: lead to brain aging; induced cardiovascular and cerebral vascular disease; affect the metabolism of kidney function
Suggestion: drink plenty of water.

5. fruits and vegetables as staple food
Hazards: lack of body protein and other substances, nutritional imbalance, and even cause disease

Recommendations: the use of fruit as staple food when we should first look at youself physical suitability.

6.Smoking after meal
Hazard: after a cigarette, poisoning is greater than the sum of ten cigarettes. Because people after eating, gastrointestinal peristalsis, blood circulation accelerated, when the body’s ability to absorb smoke into the “best” status, the smoke of toxic substances more easily than usual into the human body.

Comprehensive smoking cessation advice.

7. Insulation cup tea
Hazard: tea with 80 ℃ or so the water is more appropriate, if the insulation cup for a long time to soak the tea in the high temperature of the water, just as with the same water will be decocted, will destroy the vitamins in tea, so that a lot of volatile tea, Tannic acid, theophylline a lot of oozing.

Eight healthy eating habits

1, with boiled water blisters black tea

Eight healthy eating habits

The United States Department of agriculture research found that, compared with cabbage or carrots, Black Tea contains more antioxidants, can effectively help you resist wrinkles and cancer.

Japan the latest research shows that drinking more than two cups per day Black Tea, chance encounter influenza viruses to less than 30% of the people do not drink. With hot tea will release more caffeine and tannin than cold, cause periodic headaches, insomnia and other symptoms, and with boiling water to make tea can make beneficial substances which are not damaged, slowly dissolving.

2, eat high fiber food before going to bed

have for dinner in a healthy diet?

“It ‘s half an hour before going to bed to eat low – calorie carbohydrate snacks, such as cereals, to help sleep,” said Dr. Jutis Watman, Ph.D., of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

3, some vegetable dish to eat “meat”

Oil to eat too much is not good, but a little more to eat is not good. Experts say pumpkins and carrots contain large amounts of beta carotene, so they can’t eat too light. Frying with oil is more conducive to nutrient absorption. If the pumpkin is used to cook porridge, then make sure the other dishes contain oil and let them meet in the stomach.

4, cold dish of juice used to dipped in eating

5, cold water wash meat, hot water wash vegetables

Many people wash the meat before love get hot water for a while. As we all know, wash meat with warm water or hot water, not only perishable, corruption, and make the meat taste will be affected.

Is the most important, will accelerate the protein and amino acid and vitamin B in meat loss. In contrast, wash all kinds of fruits and vegetables with warm water. Experts point out that warm water is easier to remove pesticide residues on the surface of fruits and vegetables than cold water.

6. Drink two glasses of water before each meal

Weight control, for most people is a protracted war “. Not long ago, researchers found that drinking two small cups of water before meals, reducing hunger and food intake, was more effective than dieting. Brenda of the Virginia Tech.

David said: “the water is one of the most simple and cheap method for weight control.” People who drink water before meals consume less than 300 calories a day.

University of Glasgow obesity expert Professor Mike Lien also pointed out that, in addition to drink plenty of water, eat fruits, vegetables and porridge before meals, also contain fewer calories, but also conducive to promoting satiety.

7, eat onions prevent heart disease

eat onions prevent heart disease

Dr. Vir Gelwich heart professor at Harvard Medical School in the us that the onion contains a large number of heart protective flavonoids, every day eat half a onion, or drink the same amount of onion juice, can increase heart patients about 30% of the “good cholesterol”.

Especially when eating meat, inside the onion as your “jiumingcao”. Experts pointed out that onions on hypertension, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are indeed good, but also eaten raw and cold, the best effect.

8, Dinner as early as possible

Experts said that the body calcium excretion peak 4-5 hours after the meal, eat dinner too late, not only affect sleep, hoarding calories, and easy to cause urinary calculi. The best time for the elderly dinner is at six or seven p.m., and should not eat or eat less late snack.

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