Stragnant Blood Constitution

Inexplicable pain, unprovoked bruising
Blood stasis is a general blockage of blood vessels, a little slow stagnation, but not to the extent of the disease. Therefore, blood stasis is easy to produce various diseases with pain as the main manifestation and tumor mass.

  • The main obstacle to women’s beauty.

Symptoms of blood stasis and Qi stagnation:

Blood stasis is mainly caused by blood stasis or obstruction. Its main symptoms are three points: tingling, bruising and facial aging, specifically, including the following symptoms.

The lips are dark and purple

Eyes are cloudy and often have tiny red blood

Hair is dry, easy to shed, and difficult to cure.

Common headaches, such as needling, are very

The skin is dry and often itchy.
Facial acne is characterized by dark purple papules
or nodules that are difficult to purulent, and acne
marks are difficult to fade.

Dark face, easy to spot, it is difficult to see a white,
refreshing face.

There are bruises and bruises on the tongue, and
the varicose veins on both sides of the tongue
system can be seen when the tongue is stilted.

Thin body, some people do not have a good

Are there any bruises or lumps in some parts of the
body, especially in winter

People with congestion often have depressed and stiff expressions and inflexible facial muscles. And they have poor memory and often forget. In addition, the blood stasis constitution of the liver Qi is not relaxed, easy to be upset and irritable.

Diseases easily caused by blood stasis:

Blood stasis directly affects the blood circulation system, long-term blood stasis will have a serious impact on the human body. Many chronic and difficult diseases and painful diseases are closely related to blood stasis constitution.

Blood gas impairment will cause great damage to the
heart. Coronary heart disease patients are mostly found
in blood stasis constitution.
apoplexyWhen blood stasis develops to the brain, and in severe
cases, the brain suffers a sudden stroke due to lack of
blood gas.
Obesity plus blood stasis constitution may cause
hypertensi on, stroke, coronary heart disease, diabetes
and other diseases at an early age.
EmaciationSome people with blood stasis are blocked in blood and
gas, and their nutrition is blocked in their veins. They
can not absorb blood stasis, and they will not be fat if
they eat it.
Irregular menstruation and dysmenorrheaPeople with blood stasis constitution have blood stasis
in their bodies, and their whole body is blocked by air and blood flow. If they are blocked, they will suffer from pain. Therefore, dysmenorrhea will occur.
tumourThe viscera and blood stasis are easy to develop into
tumors for too long. People with blood stasis constitution
and Yin deficiency constitution are also prone to tumors.
Depression Depression can easily lead to stagnation of liver-qi and
promote blood stasis constitution. Blood stasis, in turn, can aggravate depression.
MigraineHead, liver are easy to produce blood stasis, once blood
stasis, it is easy to cause pain. .
CirrhosisBlood stasis constitution is closely related to liver diseases. Long-term development of blood stasis may lead to liver
acneAcne of blood stasis constitution is difficult to penetrate
pus, can stay on the face for a long time, leaving a sedate
color cord that is difficult to dissipate.
ChloasmaWomen with blood stasis constitution are susceptible to dysmenorrhea, breast hyperplasia, uterine fibroids and
other diseases. When these diseases occur, there will be chloasma on their faces.

Causes of blood stasis and Qi stagnation:

The congenital inheritance is one aspect of the formation of blood stasis and qi stagnation constitution, and the specific reasons for the formation of liver-qi stagnation due to acquired bad personality and mood can be seen in the following analysis.

Seven emotions do not change
Long-term depression, easy to injure the
liver, liver long-termnon-stretching, easy to generate blood stasis.

Long-term medication
Drugs must be metabolizedthrough the
liver. Long-term
administration of drugs
will increase the burden
on the liver and lead to
long-term liver

Severe trauma
After trauma, the body will retain
blood stasis
which is difficult to completely dissipate, and the constitution will change accordingly, so as to promote the formation of blood stasis constitution.

Long illness and no cure
Long-term chronic diseases, long-term treatment, it is easy to make blood stasis in the microcirculatory system to develop gradually promote blood stasis constitution.

Cold working and living environment
When blood vessels meet cold, they coagulate. Working and living in cold environment for a long time is easy to produce Yang deficiency constitution, which is usually accompanied by blood stasis.

The diet of people with blood stasis constitution should be avoided.

An important production principle of blood stasis constitution is to soothe the liver and promote blood circulation. Therefore, besides spiritual living, we should also pay attention to dietary regulation and eat more food for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis and dispersing liver and qi.

Vegetables should be avoided

Suitable Leek, onion, lotus root, black fungus, bamboo shoots, eggplant, rape, taro, white radish, white lentil, winter melon, coix,
red bean and mushroom
AvoidSweet potato, taro, broad bean and chestnut

Meat should be avoided

SuitableCrab, sea cucumber, carp, Hawthorn
AvoidPork, butter, eel, crab yellow, fish seed, chocolate

Fruit should be avoided

SuitableHawthorn and kumquat
AvoidWater chestnut, pear, betel nut