Stagnant Qi Constitution

  • Sensitivity, melancholy, often sighing, even demanding perfection to harsh.
  • These are not just spiritual reasons.
  • As a result of long-term emotional disorder and stagnation of Qi and Qi, the main manifestations are introverted instability, melancholy and fragile, sensitive and anxious.
  • Habits hold emotions in their hearts, seemingly calm.

Symptoms of Qi Depression:

bodyThin or overweight.
ComplexionDark or pale.
Coating on the tongueThe tongue is light red, the fur of the tongue
is white and the pulse is stringent.
painOnce sick, chest and rib pain or channeling
menstruation Breast and abdomen swelling and pain before
menstruation, irregular menstruation,
ThroatInterpharyngeal obstruction, such as foreign
body: or neck acne.
Spleen and stomachAbdominal distension and pain, pan-spitting
acid water, hiccups and belches.
shitOften abdominal bowel ringing, dry stool,
discharging unhappy.
sleepQi in the body is retrograde, headache,
dizziness and poor sleep.

Personality characteristics of Qiyu constitution

  • Introverted personality, few words, low self-esteem.
  • Often sigh, inexplicable, involuntary sigh.
  • Some are individualized, gentle and stable; others are sensitive and calculating.
  • Temperament or irritability, excitability; or melancholy, chest tightness.

Diseases easily caused by Qiyu constitution:

Qi depression can lead to poor operation of water, blood and gas in the body, and then lead to various diseases, which are mainly chronic diseases.

DepressionDepression can cause Qi depression. Most of the
patientswith depression are Qi depressive.
insomniaQi depression can lead to insomnia, and this insomnia
is very difficult to cure, and the effect of taking
medicine is not great.
Distending painFor example, migraine, chest pain, intercostal
neuralgia and so on, blood stasis is generally
expressed as tingling pain, but qi depression is generally expressed as swelling pain.
Irregular menstruation and dysmenorrheaQi depression can lead to organ dysfunction, less
menstruation is related to kidney, more colorful
menstruation is related to spleen, and the cycle is
disor dered.
IrritabilityOften manifested as joy and anger, sudden
collapse and paralysis through the grasshopper,
in fact, all kinds of vital signs are very positive.
chronic pharyngitisThere is foreign body feeling in the pharynx. The
more tense and anxious you are, the more you need to clear your throat and spit in order to relieve
the tension.
Chronic hepatitis, gastritis, cholecystitis, colitis, etc.Qi depression is especially harmful to the liver.
Long-term dysfunction of Qi and blood may
cause digestive system diseases.
hyperthyroidismwhich is caused by long-term emotional
discomfort and Liver-qi stagnation.

Causes of Qi Depression:

There are four main reasons for the formation of Qi-depression constitution: congenital inheritance and childhood mental attack. Too much work pressure and long-term unsatisfactory desire

Congenital inheritance
If the mother is Qiyu constitution, and when pregnant mood, depression, it is easy to inherit Qiyu constitution to the next generation.

Young people are hit
When people are young, their psychological development is immature. If they encounter misfortune in family life, or are discriminated against in school and society at this time,

Work under too much pressure
Some white-collar workers are under great pressure and oppressed by their superiors. They feel that they don’t meet their talents. In the long run, they are prone to become depressed, especially when their superiors are the most common strong women.

Long-term unsatisfactory desire
Some people have a lot of desires, but it is difficult to achieve. Once they suffer setbacks, they are prone to fall into depression. If they can not be adjusted for a long time, they will form a depressive constitution.

Mental health of Qiyu constitution:

Qiyu constitution is closely related to blood stasis constitution, which is often the primary stage of blood stasis constitution, so it is relatively simple to adjust. Its important method of health preservation is spiritual health preservation.

1.Keep calm
Poor mentality is the direct cause of depression, so in order to fundamentally change the constitution of depression, we must first calm down and maintain a good mentality.

2.Maintenance of liver blood
Qiyu constitution should also pay attention to the maintenance of liver and blood. Only when the liver and blood are sufficient, the liver can relax and release freely, ensuring the good operation of the digestive system.

3.Learn to vent
People with qi-depression constitution are most afraid of excessive depression. They should learn to vent, so that they can feel comfortable and get out of depression.

4.Keep the “insensitivity” of the mind
You might as well look at some things lightly and pay less attention to them. You can read some Buddhist classics and calm down.

5.Overcome some bad desires
Satisfaction is always pleasant, but we can stop at it, suppress our bad desires, participate in some public welfare activities, and care more about others.

The diet of depressive patients with qi depression should be avoided.

Vegetables should be avoided

SuitableSorghum, buckwheat, oat, artemisia, caraway, onion, garlic,
leek, radish, onion, balsam pear, Flammulina velutipes, kelp,
algae, knife bean and egg yolk
AvoidCoffee, spicy strong tea, etc.

Meat should be avoided

SuitablePork and fish

Fruit should be avoided

SuitableGolden orange, orange, hawthorn, betel nut, date,
pumpkin seed, peanut, sesame, longan, raisin, lotus seed