Special Constitution

  • Allergy, allergy, allergy.
  • The body has a specific response to certain substances, so you can’t stand up, keep sneezing, asthma, skin swelling, rubella and so on.
  • With the development of urbanization, allergy has become a fashionable problem for urban people.
    (1) Classification and Judgment of Constitution of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the national standard promulgated by the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine on April 9, 2009.
    (2) The coexistence of multiple constitutions is the state of most people. There is no need to worry too much. It is possible to change the way of life.

Symptoms of idiosyncratic constitution:

In life, many friends will be allergic to cosmetics, alcohol, metal accessories and even metal spectacle frames, and even some women are allergic to semen; some people often have itchy nose, sneeze, and are prone to asthma; some people feel uncomfortable when they arrive at spring blossom; some people are prone to urticaria on their skin, which are all special types of body. Qualitative performance.

Urticaria is a kind of limited edema reaction of the body caused by reactive dilation and permeability increase of smallblood vessels in skin and mucosa. It is mainly manifested by sudden itchy edema of the skin or mucosa, red or pale, acute attack, rapid disappearance, no trace left after disappearance, commonly known as “rubella mass”.

Pharynx itching
The main manifestation is thatthe pharynx may have variousdiscomfort sensations, such as foreign body sensation, burning, dryness, slight pain, dry cough, phlegm and more difficult to cough, or in brushing teeth and gargling, speech is prone to nausea and nausea

Sneezing is an unconscious “reflex” that occurs when foreign bodies (such as dust, bacteria, pollen, etc.) enter the nasal cavity are expelled. After the foreign body enters, the trigeminal nerve located on the nasal mucosa gives instructions to the respiratory muscles acting on the lungs, and fiercely expels the air to expel the foreign body from the country. Sneeze reflex, commonly known as “sneezing”. Sneezing is a defensive reflex action caused by stimulation of nasal mucosa. However, in traditional folk customs, it has been regarded as a sign of some abnormal behavior or the trend of development of things, and this interpretation is more like a feeling in the clouds.

Runny nose is one of the mos
common symptoms in the nose. It can flow out through the anterior nostril or into the nasopharynx. Runny nose flows into the posterior nostril and vomits out through the nasopharynx and mouth. There is only a small amount of mucus in the normal nasal cavity, which is moist to maintain normal physiological function. When the nasal cavity has pathological changes, it can cause changes in the nature and quantity of nasal secretions. When nasal secretion spills, it is called runny nose.

Asthma is a chronic nonspecific inflammatory disease of the airway, in the course of the occurrence and development of asthma, there are a large number of different types of inflammatory cells, inflammatory mediators and cytokines involved; airway hyperresponsiveness is the main feature of asthma; typical manifestations are paroxysmal asthma, cough, sputum and audible lung. And breath wheezing.

Nasal congestion
Nasal obstruction is one of thecommon symptoms in otorhinolaryngology. The most common causes include rhinitis,
deviation of nasal septum,
nasal polyps and sinusitis. In
theory, nasal obstruction canbe solved by different treatment methods.

Diseases easily caused by special constitution:

Rhinallergosis , also known as allergic rhinitis, is an allergic disease of nasal mucosa and can cause many complications. Another type is induced by non-specific stimuli, with no specific allergens participating in the process of immune response. However, its clinical manifestations are similar to those of the above two types of allergic rhinitis. It is called vasomotor rhinitis or neuroreflex rhinitis. Stimulation can come from in vitro (physical and chemical aspects).

Allergic purpura
Bacterial viruses, such as Streptococcus haemolyticus, staphylococcus, tuberculosis bacilli, typhoid bacilli, pneumococcus, influenza virus, measles virus and so on, are common due to a variety of different causes. Other cases are caused by food allergies, insect bites, exotic insect infections, or drug allergies, such as sulfonamides, antibiotics

Allergic asthma
Allergic asthma refers to people with asthma who have allergic reactions to certain substances. When patients are exposed to this substance, they can induce asthma. Most asthmatic patients have allergic phenomena or allergic rhinitis.

Hay asthma
Pollen disease in China is mainly caused by plateau plants. The main allergenic plants are Liliaceae, Humulus, Gramineae, Amaranthus and Casuarina equisetifolia.

Analysis of the causes of special constitution:

Special constitution actually contains two meanings: one is congenital constitution, the other is special constitution. Before the birth of a child, some characteristics of both parents will be inherited in the mother, that is, the congenital constitution; at the same time, it will be affected by other factors, which is the constitution formed in a special environment. Specifically speaking, the special constitution mainly has the following several kinds:

1.Allergic constitution
Most people with allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, allergic purpura, eczema, urticaria and other allergic diseases belong to this category.
2.Constitution of hereditary diseases
This refers to those who have a family history of hereditary diseases or congenital diseases. This group of people often have genetic deficiencies, and most of them are difficult to cure.
3.Fetal constitution
The fetal constitution is a kind of constitution caused by the adverse influence on the mother during pregnancy. This physical trait may last a lifetime. That is to say, this kind of person has the congenital special condition, when will happen depends on the cup boundary. If the external cup boundary is well controlled, it may not occur for a lifetime, but if the external cup boundary deteriorates, it may trigger potential pathogenic factors and suddenly occur.

How to identify whether they are endogenous constitution? This can be seen in the history of family genetics. In addition, people with allergic constitution are prone to asthma because they often have stuffy nose, sneeze and runny nose even if they don’t catch a cold; some are prone to allergies to medicines, food, odor, pollen and seasons; some are prone to urticaria because of allergies, and their skin often appears purple-red spots and ecchymosis, and their skin often turns red at the first scratch. And scratches appear. In addition, people with special constitution have poor adaptability to external cup environment. For example, people with allergic constitution have poor adaptability to allergic season and are prone to cause persistent diseases.

But the congenital special constitution should not be pessimistic, as long as the adjustment of accumulation, its constitution can be improved. For example, environmental factors can be changed by accumulation, away from allergens.

Seven common allergens in daily life:

Now let’s look at the seven common allergens in everyday life:

Dust mites
Dust mite rhinitis and asthma dust mite excrement decompose into very fine dust, adhere to bedsheets, pillows, carpets or curtains, once inhaled into the nasal cavity and lungs, it is easy to cause rhinitis and asthma. This part of allergens is the most easily overlooked in our daily life. People with special constitution should pay more attention to it.

Ozone gas
When ventilation is poor, odorless and odorless ozone gas emitted by computers, fax machines, television and other electrical appliances can stimulate blindness and allergy of tracheal mucosa, resulting in eye swelling and throat discomfort. In the modern office, more and more people form their special constitution.

Some special ingredients in food can easily cause skin itching or swelling of lips and tongues, nausea, diarrhea and other symptoms. Some special foods, such as seafood, can easily cause allergies.

Pollen, Willow Catkin
Once they touch the inner wall of nasal cavity or throat, they will stimulate the mucosa and cause allergies, which can lead to sneezing, runny nose, tears, chest tightness and other symptoms.

Formaldehyde has the functions of disinfection, antisepsis and convergence. It is widely used in wooden furniture, flooring, detergent, and even added in a small amount in textiles and clothing. Formaldehyde can easily cause allergies, itching, cough, nasal congestion, dizziness and other symptoms.

If pets with cough, asthma, rhinitis get their hair and dandruff into the throat of allergic people, it will cause mucosal allergies; when the saliva of pets dries up, potential allergens will be released.

Some special ingredients in drugs are easy to cause allergies, rashes, and sometimes low fever, nausea, vomiting, and even shock.

Foods that are easily allergic:

In our daily life, many people know that eating seafood is easy to allergy. But few people know that besides seafood, many common foods may cause allergies. Therefore, people with special constitution need to pay special attention to the following kinds of food when buying food.

Some people may not be able to drink milk, but they are not allergic to goat milk. This is because some people have an allergic reaction to casein in milk. The common symptoms are severe stomach disease, diarrhea, skin measles and dyspnea.

Soybean has a wide range of uses, such as soymilk, soybean paste, it is the main ingredients. In addition, many baked foods, such as biscuits, cakes, bread, etc., also contain soybeans. But if you are allergic to soybeans, stay away from these foods.

Egg allergy generally has mild symptoms, but people with special constitution may cause allergies even if they eat a little egg protein because of their special constitution. Therefore, when buying food containing egg ingredients, we should pay special attention to it. For example, noodles often contain egg ingredients, but many food packaging bags are not usually marked; processed cooked meats, such as sausages, often contain egg ingredients; many biscuits also contain protein ingredients.

Peanut allergies are common and can have fatal consequences in severe cases. Some people just shake hands with those who have peeled peanuts, or smell peanuts can cause allergies. Peanuts are most likely to be found in ice cream, snacks, biscuits, baked foods and candies; many sauces are also made from peanuts. So if you are allergic to peanuts, stay away from them completely.

Wheat and other wheat foods
Proteins in wheat, rye and oats are the main causes of allergic reactions. So if you’re allergic to wheat, be aware that you can’t enjoy many gluten-based foods. For example, many baked breads contain wheat, and even breads labeled wheat-free may contain a small amount of gluten.

Fish allergies are relatively easy to avoid. Just be careful not to be cross-allergic, that is, to ensure that your food is not cooked in the same pot as fish, and that your sauce does not contain fish protein, then you will not allergies.

If you are allergic to shellfish, you should avoid all shellfish. Generally speaking, shellfish is seldom used as food seasoning, but shellfish may be contained in salad dressing or chili sauce.

In short, the most important thing for people with allergic constitution is to know what their allergens are, and when food allergies occur, they should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Keep the room clean and the bedclothes are often washed and sunned.

Dust mites are important allergens that induce allergic diseases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis and eczema.

Dust mites are everywhere, bedding, carpets, plush toys, curtains, towels, cloth sofas and so on are very popular. Once people are allergic to dust mites, they will reproduce allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma, atopic dermatitis, urticaria and other symptoms. Dust mite allergic symptoms greatly reduce the quality of life of allergic people, and bring endless pain.

In order to cope with the problems caused by dust mite allergy, we can adopt the following three preventive measures:

Cleaning of Home and Furniture
Indoor dust, especially in furniture, contains the most dust mites, which is very important for its cleaning.

Controlling room humidity
Reducing room humidity is the main way to control the occurrence of dust mites.

Use of acaricides
Although the miticidal efficacy of acaricides varies, they can significantly reduce the number of dust mites in indoor dust, carpets or mattresses.

Diet with special qualities should be avoided:

Because modern people consume too much protein food every day, this dietary structure is very harmful to those with special constitution. Therefore, people with special constitution should rationally match their dietary structure. The diet must be light and balanced, and the coarse and fine grains should be properly matched.

The special constitution person had better often eat brown rice, vegetables and honey, they can not only provide high quality red blood cells, but also do not need to worry about alloproteins into the blood, so can effectively prevent the occurrence of allergic symptoms.

Some people with special constitution are allergic to food additives, such as pigments, antioxidants, preservatives, etc. For example, people with food allergies containing additives such as preserves should eat less to avoid inducing asthma.

People with allergic constitution should avoid or minimize food containing allergenic substances in order to avoid accidental allergic reactions.

Vegetables should be avoided

Faba bean white lentil eggplant

Meat should be avoided

Beef goose carp shrimp crab

Beverages should be avoided

Coffee Strong tea