Qi-deficient Constitution

Easily tired, a little lazy, often short of breath, panic, sweating.

“Live one breath”, Qi deficiency is the imbalance of lung, spleen and kidney function, resulting in insufficient metaplasia of Qi.

Symptoms of Qi Deficiency:

It’s very easy to sweat:
Often sweating, sweat takes away body heat, easy to catch cold.

Short breath and light breathing:
Lung function is poor, voice timid, light breath, a little exercise is easy to shortness of breath.

Pale complexion and pale lips:
Spleen deficiency leads to insufficient source of Qi and blood, resulting in lack of facial blood color, yellowish complexion and pale lips.

Poor spleen and stomach, easy abdominal distension:
Those with deficiency of Qi have poor appetite and small meals. Some people have strong stomach and weak spleen. Although they can eat, they are prone to abdominal distension and indigestion.

Weak or fat:
Poor spleen and stomach, naturallyeasy to lose weight. If it is deficiencyof kidney-qi, it maybe fattening due to lack of body fluids.

Easily tired, weak:
The spleen governs the muscles and limbs. Spleen deficiency will lead to muscle weakness, body relaxation and not straightening.

Diseases easily caused by deficiency of qi:

Most of the chronic diseases caused by Qi deficiency constitution are not very serious. However, if it is allowed to develop, over time, it will form a malignant disease like nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

Early menstruation and less menstruation Qi deficiency leads to disorders of viscera and organs, which leads to menstrual disorders, sometimes in advance, sometimes in small quantities, but lasting for a long time.
Have a stiff neck Lack of breath, concentrated in a place, easy to form pain, such as pillow, abdominal pain, headache, etc., can be alleviated by massage.
Skin itchWhen Qi deficiency is serious, the body’s defense gas is weak, which can easily cause skin itching.
Recurrent coldPeople with deficiency of Qi have poor resistance and are prone to colds, and they are not easy to recover from colds.
have a low feverQi deficiency patients have weak defense Qi and are prone to low fever. They are still sick and very weak after recovery.
nasopharyngeal carcinomaPeople with Qi deficiency often catch cold, which leads to repeated nasal obstruction, coupled with stagnation of Qi, which is prone to disease for a long time.
HyperlipemiaQi stagnation can also lead to bloodstream obstruction, slowing down the blood flow speed, leading to accumulation of blood lipids, thereby triggering high blood lipids. .
Obesity pronePeople with spleen deficiency eat less and are thin. If they have a good appetite, they are fat. This is because many nutrients can not be absorbed and accumulated in the body.
Visceral ptosisQi deficiency can not be lifted, muscle weakness, easy to cause gastroptosis, eye and face droop, uterine prolapse, anal prolapse and other diseases.
Excretory discomfortQi can play the role of holding the door, which is weaker in Qi deficiency patients, which can easily lead to excessive urine, sweat, feces, menstrual bleeding, leucorrhea and other diseases.
Chronic inflammationOnce infected with inflammation, people with Qi deficiency can easily turn into chronic diseases, such as chronic pelvic inflammation (female) and chronic bronchitis.
StainThe deficiency of Qi leads to the deficiency of the source of Qi and blood, which leads to yellowing, lack of blood color and even long spots.

Causes of Qi Deficiency and Weakness:

From parents
When the mother is pregnant, she eats less food, lacks camping buckwheat, or one of her parents has a constitution of Qi deficiency.

Staying up late
Often staying up late is easy to get distressed and tired. Heavy manual workers will be injured, long-term physical overwork will consume gas, aggravating Qi deficiency.

Seven emotions are not smooth.
Long-term emotional disorder, depression or rage can easily lead to liver-qi depression, thus promoting Qi deficiency.

Chronic sleeping injury
Staying motionless for a long time in the spleen can easily lead to stagnation of qi, thus damaging the spleen and stomach, leading to Qi deficiency.

on a diet
Long-term on a diet will lead to insufficient nutrition and Qi deficiency. Long-term consumption of some harmful food can also lead to Qi deficiency.

The spiritual health of the weak in Qi:

countermeasure Self-soothing. Can do more exercise, singing and dancing, increase vital capacity, make people more spiritual.
Dedication to society. If you divert your attention from yourself, you can do volunteer work and volunteer work to enrich yourself with dedication.

Irritability, gambling
countermeasure Reasonable plan. Reasonable arrangement of work, leaving more room for orderly work.
Relaxation exercise. Tai Chi.

The diet of people with deficiency of Qi and cold outside should be avoided.

Vegetables should be avoided

Suitable Yam pumpkin, concanavalin, white flat mushroom, mushroom, lemon head mushroom, silk mushroom, shepherd’s purse, soybean, cowpea, Holland bean, lily, salted potatoes, lotus root
Bitter melon, cucumber, watermelon, Chaotian pepper, lettuce, lotus root, white radish, soybean sprouts, alfalfa, salted vegetable and leek

Meat should be avoided

Suitable Chicken, quail, egg, milk, pigeon, pork belly, pork waist, lamb belly, wild boar, rabbit, donkey meat, loach, loach, eel, frog, crucian carp, octopus, cuttlefish, anchovy, catfish
Avoid Dog meat, beef, pork, shrimp, crab, squid

Fruit should be avoided

Apple, Cherry, Chestnut, Peanut, Lotus, Hazelnut and Jujube (Dry)
Avoid Hawthorn, bergamot, betel nut, grapefruit, orange, kumquat and water chestnut