Phlegm-dampness Constitution

  • Limbs heavy! Excrete turbidity! The tongue is sticky! Full of greasy!
  • Traditional Chinese medicine holds that “all diseases are caused by phlegm” and “stubborn phlegm causes strange diseases”.
  • Here, phlegm refers to the waste produced by the unobstructed process of water metabolism.
  • With the movement of Qi and blood, it flows through the whole body and its position is uncertain, which causes many diseases.
  • The formation of phlegm-dampness substance is most closely related to the way of life, which occurs mostly in the people who are rich in life.

Symptoms of phlegm-dampness constitution:

Most of them are abdominal stool, because the function of spleen and stomach is relatively insufficient, leading to the transformation of body water into fatigue.

be fond of sleep
Spleen deficiency easily leads to sleepiness. Moreover, phlegm-dampness patients have high blood viscosity, poor blood gas movement, insufficient blood supply to the brain, because of sleeplessness.

Skin pore is also one of the metabolic pathways of human body. Skin metabolites of Phlegm-damp people are often greasy and sticky, which is easy to form seat sores.

Other symptoms of phlegm-dampness:

In addition to the above three characteristics, there are also some symptoms, which can be used as a reference to judge whether phlegm and dampness.

Sweating excessively or without sweatingPeople with phlegm and dampness either sweat too much, leading to body odor, or they sweat less and sweat less.
Urine is cloudy and frothy.Phlegm-dampness is viscous, so it is common to have turbid urine.
Big tongue, thick tongue coating
Big tongue, thick tongue coatingAt this time, it is not appropriate to supplement in autumn and winter, otherwise phlegm and dampness will be heavier.
Hypomenorrhea, delayed menstruation and even amenorrheaIf phlegm, dampness, obesity and irregular menstruation are mixed together, it will be difficult to treat them.
Slow movement, slow reactionPhlegm-dampness patients have insufficient blood supply to the brain and are often slow to respond.
Do not like drinking water, drinking water is easy to abdominal distensionPeople with phlegm-dampness have sticky mouth, little thirst, drinking water is not easy to absorb, and easily cause abdominal distension.

Diseases easily caused by phlegm temperature:

Traditional Chinese medicine often says that “all diseases are caused by phlegm”, “stubborn phlegm causes strange diseases”. Phlegm-dampness constitution is the hotbed of disease, which can easily lead to obesity, “three high” and metabolic syndrome. Specifically, it may lead to the following diseases.

Obesity “Fat people have more phlegm and dampness, thin people have more internal heat.” People with phlegm and dampness are easy to get fat.
HypertensionUsually accompanied by chest tightness, nausea, dizziness, swelling symptoms of hypertension.
HyperlipidemiaPhlegm-dampness improves blood viscosity and is prone to cause hyperlipidemia.
Fatty liverFatty liver caused by drinking, fattening diet and staying up late is mostly related to phlegm-dampness constitution.
coronary heart diseasePhlegm and dampness cause hyperlipidemia, and further development may lead to coronary heart disease.
Cerebrovascular diseasesHyperlipidemia and hypertension can easily cause cerebrovascular diseases.
DiabetesThe prescription of invigorating qi, invigorating spleen, resolving phlegm and dampness has certain curative effect on diabetes mellitus.
acnePhlegm-dampness constitution oil skin is predominant, easy to acne.
Stomach troublePeople with phlegm and dampness are often caused by inappropriate diet, and are prone to gastrointestinal diseases in the long run.
Irregular menstruationPhlegm and dampness block blood vessels, easy to form delayed menstruation, less or even amenorrhea.

Causes of phlegm-dampness obstruction of spleen:

The main cause of phlegm-dampness constitution is that the dampness pathogen can not be metabolized in the body. Besides being related to the living environment, the damage of acquired bad habits to the lung, spleen and kidney is also an important reason.

Damage of bad habits to lung, spleen and kidney

Lung, spleen and kidney are very important for regulating water metabolism. If a person seldom exercises and some bad habits cause damage to lung, spleen and kidney, then nutrient water will enter more and leave less, which will easily obstruct the body to form phlegm-dampness constitution.

Sitting for a long time, with chest and back, pressing the lungs to breathe shallowly, coupled with the auspicious habit of air pollution, will lead to the lack of oxygen in the body of food is difficult to metabolize, resulting in phlegm accumulation in the body.

Long-term taste is salty, too much salt. Excessive taste and long-term salt intake will also increase water and humidity, which will hurt both the spleen and kidney.High-salt foods can damage the gastric mucosa and cause gastritis or gastric ulcer.

Food fattening, overeating, often taking weight-loss drugs, often angry, emotional distraction, resulting in liver injury, in turn, spleen injury. Do not eat breakfast, stay up late to eat supper, drink too much, injure the liver and turn to injure the spleen

The position of spleen in traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine is recognized respectively.

Western Medicine Anatomy
The spleen belongs to the reticular skin system, located in the upper left abdominal cavity, dark red, soft and brittle, is the largest lymphatic organ of the human body. The spleen can be divided into red pulp and white pulp.
Chinese Medicine
Located under the diaphragm and in the middle of the charcoal, it is exterior and interior to the stomach. Some scholars believe that the “spleen” of TCM theory corresponds to the pancreas of modern medicine, or the combination of the two.

The understanding of spleen function in TCM and WM respectively:

Western medical anatomy:

1.Red Skull Filtration and Blood Storage
The spleen belongs to the reticular skin system, located in the upper left abdominal cavity, dark red, soft and brittle, is the largest lymphatic organ of the human body. The spleen can be divided into red pulp and white pulp.

2.White Pulp Against Foreign Microorganisms and Infections
Among them, macrophages can engulf old erythrocytes, platelets and degraded white blood cells, as well as bacteria, protozoa and foreign bodies in the blood.

3.Production of antibodies by lymphocytes in the spleen
After splenectomy, human immunity will be greatly reduced.
Chinese medicine:
1. Main Transport
If the refined function of Yunhua Valley is abnormal, the source of Qi and blood is insufficient, and it is easy to lose weight and tiredness. If Yunhua water retention, accumulation of phlegm, dampness and edema.

2.Control of blood
Cooperate with heart and liver, control blood circulation, so that blood does not act imprudently. Weak temper tiger, gas does not absorb blood, easy to cause menorrhea, metrorrhagia, hematochezia and other diseases.

3.Main muscles and limbs
Good temper, good luck, adequate nutrition, muscle plump and strong, strong limb movements. Weak temper, lack of nutrition, muscle loss or atrophy, limb weakness.

4.Enlightenment lies in the mouth and beauty lies in the lips.
Good temper, good luck, red lips, mouth can know five flavors. Weak temper, pale lips, boring diet.

Four ways to promote sweating:

The constitution of phlegm-dampness people must find ways to promote sweating, sweating will exclude part of phlegm-dampness in vitro, so as to promote the improvement of quality. Generally speaking, there are four ways to promote sweating. Those with phlegm and dampness may as well try.

Exercise until sweating

Every time I exercise, I sweat slightly all over my body and blush my face. Or take a hot bath or drink hot water before exercising.

Stick to a hot bath, even in summer.

It is better to soak in hot water or steam sauna, wash to the whole body slightly reddish so that the pore opens, more conducive to the spread of moisture.

Eat less frozen and cold food
Especially in summer, should eat less frozen food, these foods will promote pore tightening, not conducive to moisture dissipation.

Drink ginger tea every day in summer
Ginger has a good effect of dispersing dampness, but it can warm the spleen and stomach, promote sweating in the autumn and winter dry season is not suitable to eat more.

Living and health preservation of phlegm-dampness constitution:

Less air conditioning
In summer, people with phlegm and dampness should sweat more. Blowing air conditioning is not conducive to the dissipation of phlegm and dampness. Especially after sweating, air-conditioning is more harmful.

Get plenty of sunshine and take a hot bath
Sunshine can dissipate moisture and stimulate yang. Bath till the whole body is red and the pore is long, which is most conducive to the dissipation of phlegm and dampness.

Loose clothes
Loose natural fibre clothes are conducive to moisture emission. Phlegm-damp people wear tight plastic underwear for a long time, which can cause significant halitosis.

The diet of phlegm-dampness and cold externally should be avoided:

Vegetables should be avoided

Suitable :White radish, water chestnut, laver, kelp, onion, lentil, rice, red bean, broad bean, cowpea, mushroom, cabbage, winter melon, leek, mustard, pepper, lentil, yam toon


Meat should be avoided

Suitable :Beef, mutton, dog, chicken, silver carp, trout, loach, eel, River shrimp, sea cucumber, abalone, sea jellyfish and quail skin

Avoid :Oncomelania snail, duck meat, clam, oyster and seafood

Fruit should be avoided

Suitable :White Fruit, Jujube, Dried Litchi, Lemon, Cherry, Betelnut, Bergamot and Chestnut

Avoid :Pomegranate, grapefruit, loquat, hawthorn, watermelon, Bayberry and lemon