How to treat uterine wall thinness?

Some women have trouble with thin uterine walls. What causes this phenomenon? What should we do to adjust it? Let’s understand this aspect.

I. How to deal with the thin wall of uterus?
Speaking of this problem, we have to talk about the reasons first. What causes this problem?
How to treat uterine wall thinness?

Firstly, serious endocrine disorders in women will lead to hormone imbalance in the body, and make the periodic changes of endometrium irregular. Over time, the uterine wall will become thin. This condition can generally be adjusted by hormones. Appropriate amounts of estrogen and progesterone can improve the problem of uterine wall thickness and increase some thickness.

Second: the flow of people leads to. This is the main cause of uterine wall thinning. If the body carries out multiple abortions, it is very easy to cause the uterus wall thin, some people even finished the abortion after menopause, which to a certain extent shows that this kind of operation is harmful to the female uterus. It takes a long time for the uterus to recover and timely medical treatment is needed.

Third: uterine malformation. In fact, this reason is also a cause of uterine wall thinning, but it has not received enough attention. The thin wall of the uterus caused by this condition is generally difficult to treat.What to eat can regulate uterine wall thinning

What to eat can regulate uterine wall thinning?

  1. If our examples are not normal enough or the quantity is scarce, we should not neglect them. We must pay attention to them. Go to the hospital for a B-mode ultrasound. During the examination, talk to your doctor about your vacation period for diagnosis. If it’s about uterine wall thinning, you should see a doctor in time and cooperate with the treatment.

2. The simplest food conditioning is to drink more soy milk. It’s better to do it at home by yourself. It’s healthier and nutritious, and it’s better for your body.

3. You can also take Ajiao ointment to repair your body, but pay attention not to eat when menstruation comes.

4. Usually at home do not know what to eat can be boiled some black bean glutinous rice porridge, black bean and glutinous rice ratio is one to two, black beans to soak water ahead of time, soak one night, to finish the holiday eat better.

5. Ordinarily, you can also buy some nuts to eat. You can eat them as snacks. Sometimes you can also make some desserts, such as stewed clams with papaya, which have a good tonic effect for women.

6. It is also a very good way to find Chinese medicine to regulate the body, because everyone’s physique is different, so we should regulate the body according to the different situation of each person, and it is better to find some more powerful Chinese medicine to regulate.

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