Damp-heat Constitution

Not clean, not clear, sticky, like acne.
Damp-heat quality is a kind of body with unclean internal environment, damp and hot, damp and hot, and poor excretion. Both inside and outside are “turbid” and unclean.

Symptoms of dampness and heat:

Damp-heat constitution is a common constitution, which is mainly manifested as “unclean” inside and outside the body. Specifically, it has the following symptoms.

Bad breath and good taste
If the body is not clean inside and outside, it is easy to form bad breath and body odor, even worse than the Phlegm-damp body odor.

Yellow and greasy complexion
People with damp and hot constitution have poor skin and oily nature, and their faces often give people a feeling of greasy.

Tongue coating, yellowing of teeth and redness of gums
Yellow tongue coating and red gums are the manifestations of excessive fire in the body.

Dry or sticky stool
Damp is sticky stool, hot is dry stool often male scrotum wet itching, female vulva smells big, itchy.

Acne facialis
The accumulation of damp and hot gas in the body is prone to acne. If not handled in time, it may worsen into poisonous ulcers.

Emotional impatience
The more obvious the damp-heat constitution is, the more irritable and irritable the mood is, the more likely it is to be nervous, depressed and anxious.

Diseases easily caused by dampness and heat:

If damp-heat constitution is not corrected in time, it may cause a variety of diseases, mainly skin diseases, liver and gallbladder diseases, urogenital diseases and so on.

Poor appearanceHair and skin are greasy, with dandruff, large pore, more acne, spots, cloudy eyes, bloody silk, more eye droppings, red nose, bad breath, body odor.
Skin diseaseSeborrheic dermatitis, rosacea, folliculitis, carbuncle, sore, swelling poison, tinea corporis, tinea pedis, tinea femoris, etc.
Hepatobili ary diseases Carries the hepatitis virus, the acute jaundice hepatitis, the cholecystitis, the gallstone and so on.
Diseases of urogenital systemUrethritis, cystitis, prostatitis, pelvic inflammation, cervicitis, vaginitis, nephritis, etc.
AchePeople with Damp-heat constitution are prone to muscle fatigue and backache.

Causes of dampness and heat:

The congenital inheritance is one aspect of the formation of damp-heat intrinsic constitution, but more is the result of acquired unhealthy lifestyle.

Dysfunction of liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach
Long-term improper diet, leading to liver, gallbladder, spleen and stomach dysfunction, or suffering from hepatitis, or hepatitis surface carriers, are easy to form damp-heat constitution.

Smoking, drinking, staying up late
Smokers often have haggard faces and black and yellow teeth. Drinking and staying up late injure the liver and gallbladder, thereby injuring the spleen and stomach, thus promoting damp-heat constitution.

Emotional depression
Long-term emotional depression will hurt the liver and gallbladder, leading to the body can not relieve dampness and heat, if we borrow alcohol to soothe our worries, it is easier to form dampness and heat intrinsic constitution.

Congenital inheritance
Some parents with hot and humid constitution often inherit their temperature constitution to the next generation.

Congenital inheritance
Some parents with hot and humid constitution often inherit their temperature constitution to the next generation.

Tonic excessive, or already have internal heat tendency, it is easy to promote damp-heat constitution.

Damp and hot people’s living and health:

People with Damp-heat constitution should pay special attention to adjusting their living habits, avoid damp-heat and stretch their joints. Keep a good mood in mind and avoid being sad or angry.

Avoid warm environmentLong-term living or working in hot and humid environment should be avoided as far as possible, and air conditioning can be used appropriately.
Dressed d ry and looseWear natural fibre clothing. Underwear should be loose and comfortable, not tight underwear.
Sleep without staying up lateThose who stay up late tend to have yellowish tongue coating, which is a sign of dampness and heat. 7-8 hours of high quality sleep should be
More exercise increases flexibilityDo more exercises to stretch the muscles, bones and joints and increase the flexibility of the body, which is conducive to liver and gallbladder relaxation and relieve tension and anxiety.

The diet of people with damp and hot connotations should be avoided:

Four principles

1.Eat less sweet or spicy food.
2.Quitting smoking and abstaining from alcohol will aggravate dampness and heat.
3.Eat less nourishing medicine, excessive nourishing will aggravate dampness and heat.
4.Eat less fried, fried, smoked and cured food.

Vegetables should be avoided

Suitable Red beans, mung beans, rice, coix, kidney beans, lentils, balsam pear, winter melon, luffa, melon, celery, celery, broccoli, kale, laver, kelp, bamboo shoots, lettuce and lotus root
Avoid Pickled pumpkin , potatoes with glutinous rice leek and Chaotian pepper

Meat should be avoided

Suitable Pork loach, chicken gill, pig belly, snail, rabbit, duck, carp and squid
Avoid Mutton, dog, goose, tremella, bird’s nest, honey, maltose

Fruit should be avoided

Suitable Water chestnut pear, watermelon, vegetable, melon and persimmon
Avoid Litchi, Guiyuan, Jujube and Sunflower Seeds