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Self-health care is very important,Some basics of self care needs to understand

Self-health care 8 Declaration

Health is a synthetic state of physical, mental and social well-being, not just a state of not being sick or weak. To achieve health status, health care system and health care professionals alone cannot achieve it. Individuals must fully participate in self-health management through self-health care. Self-care includes healthy lifestyle behaviors, such as avoiding health […]

The Most importantly 24 Healthy Life Tips

Arrange your work and life regularly, harmonious your family and happy moo Develop good living habits on personal hygiene and environmental protection. Exercise regularly with each time more than 30min and at least 5 times a week. By walking rather than cycling, cycling rather than taking buses, and climbing stairs rather than taking elevators. Don’t […]

7 Important Parts on Self-Care

Prevention is better than cure, Treat ailments early Balancing meantal status and keep good mood. Live a regular life with certain rules. Taking nutritional diet with reasonable combination. Doing exercises properly. Quit smoking and set limit on alcohol. Acquire and practice scientific healthcare knowledge.