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How to Solve Child lie?

Children will lie in the process of growing up, but lying does not mean that children have made unforgivable mistakes. For example, when a child is two years old, lying does not mean cheating, but because the child’s brain is developing. What about children telling lies? In fact, the best solution is that parents and […]

How to Develop Children’s Intelligence?

The Importance of Intellectual Development Early intellectual development is very important, especially the early education of preschool children. Bloom, a famous American scholar, has tracked nearly 1,000 babies for 20 years. The results show that if the intelligence of 17-year-old babies is 100 and 8-year-old babies are exploited, only 20% can be exploited, but 50% […]

How to Solve Child’s Low Immunity?

Some children seem to have a cold and fever all the year round. They have to see the doctor several times a month. Parents are worried: “My children are often sick, is it too weak resistance?” In fact, people often say that resistance is closely related to the body’s immunity. What is immunodeficiency? In most […]

How to Solve the Problem of Children Not Talking?

The first expression of a child’s birth is crying, which is the most primitive form of “talking”. Different cries express their different needs. Gradually, they responded to adults’words by babbling. Then they imitated to address their parents. Then they developed to consciously address different people. Then there were short sentences and long sentences. Generally speaking, […]

How to Solve the Slow Growth of Children?

Height is an important indicator of children’s physical development, which is related to their long-term nutritional status. Human height is related to the hereditary factors of parents, race and sex. For example, the Caucasians are generally higher, while the Pygmies at the equator are generally shorter. Males are taller than females, and northerners are taller […]

How to Solve Child Hate Learning?

Nowadays, many children are tired of learning and do not find pleasure in learning, even the top students are no exception. Seeking knowledge is the basic way for children to know the world, and the pursuit of happiness is the child’s nature. If children are deprived of happiness because they want to know, study hard […]

How to solve children’s disobedience?

When children do not obey, parents often control their children by punishment, which seems to be the most customary thing when we raise children, but once this habit is formed, the result of long-term use also makes parents and children pay a considerable price in the parent-child relationship. If adults often speak to their children […]

How to Solve Children hate to Eat?

Baby anorexia is a major headache for parents. Babies are always reluctant to come to the table. Some parents often worry about their children’s anorexia, especially in the hot summer, their children’s appetite is not good, their face is yellow, thin and crying. There are many reasons why children do not like eating, but most […]

How to treat children’s phobia?

We all know that if children suffer from child phobia, the impact on them is very great, so we need to treat as early as possible. But many people are not very familiar with the treatment of children’s phobia, so let’s look at the treatment of children’s phobia. Drug therapy Benzodiazepines or antidepressants, such as […]