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What to eat to dispel acne?

Acne is commonly known as acne, also known as “whelk”, or “acne”, is a skin disease caused by blockage and inflammation of hair follicles and sebaceous glands. Eliminating acne is the process of eliminating acne by using medical technology or method. If we can regulate our diet in our daily life, we can reduce or […]

What to eat to whiten?

“One white hides three ugliness”. White tender skin is loved by everyone. Whitening is also a nursing project from inside to outside. Through makeup and cosmetic means, inner conditioning makes skin white. Of course, sunscreen is also one of the key elements. Suitable food Eat foods rich in vitamin C to prevent melanosis. Eat foods […]

How to treat uterine wall thinness?

Some women have trouble with thin uterine walls. What causes this phenomenon? What should we do to adjust it? Let’s understand this aspect. I. How to deal with the thin wall of uterus? Speaking of this problem, we have to talk about the reasons first. What causes this problem? Firstly, serious endocrine disorders in women […]