Category: Elderly health

How to alleviate constipation in the elderly?

Many elderly people often suffer from constipation, which seriously affects their health. So how much do you know about the ways to relieve constipation in their lives? Massage the stomach First of all, if the symptoms of constipation occur in the elderly, it can be appropriate to massage the stomach to alleviate constipation. Of course, […]

How to prevent osteoporosis?

For the elderly, as the age is rising, many elderly people will have various physical problems at this time, especially the osteoporosis. Such problems have a great impact on the health of the elderly, which is also a problem we are all very worried to see, so we should learn to prevent. Okay, let’s see […]

How to prevent senile plaque?

Senile plaque is a very common skin disease, especially in the elderly people in life is prone to the situation of senile plaque, once the occurrence of senile plaque will seriously affect the health of the skin, and it is also very ugly, then how to prevent senile plaque in the elderly? Now let’s take […]