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What foods can delay aging?

Grains Fresh corn Beans soybean Black soya bean Snow pea Peas cowpea Cowpea (boiled) bean products Bean curd Soy milk Soybean Milk Silk tofu Oily bean curd Lactone bean curd rhizomes sweet potato garlic onion White heart sweet potato Garlic (purple skin) fruits eggplant cucumber Eggplant Eggplant (purple skin, long) cauliflower A variety of Chinese […]

What foods can fight aging?

Anti-aging means that some of them can inhibit and delay the aging process of the body, promote the overall health, and keep the body in good intelligence and physical strength within the lifetime determined by genetic factors. Aging is a necessary stage of life, even if you are so reluctant. Anti-aging is to supplement antioxidants […]

What is face yoga for anti aging?

Facial yoga does not require any special tools, nor does it have high levels of physical activity. It teaches you how to have healthy, beautiful facial skin easily. can yoga keep you young.Girls want to have a youthful and elastic facial skin, and the aging of their skin will undoubtedly bring them a heavy blow. […]