Balanced Constitution

It is enviable, accounting for only about 30% of the population. Males are more than females, and the older they are, the fewer they are in a balanced constritution

  • Natural endowment is good, acquired nurture is appropriate.
  • Moderate posture, ruddy complexion, energetic, strong viscera function.
  • It is a model of a harmonious life.

Causes of formation of balanced constitution:

Inborn genetic conditions are good, acquired diet and living habits are appropriate, that is, acquired nurture appropriate.

Balanced constritution characteristics:

Overall characteristics: Yin and Yang Qi and blood are harmonized, with moderate posture, ruddy complexion, energetic and other main features.

Physical characteristics: body shape is symmetrical and robust.

Common manifestations: complexion, skin tone, hair dense and lustrous, eyes bright, nose bright and moist,
Smell well, lip red, not easy to fatigue, energetic, cold and hot tolerance, good sleep, good appetite, normal urine, light red tongue, thin white coating, pulse and gentle and powerful.

Psychological characteristics: easy-going and outgoing personality, easy to get along with.

Incidence: less illness in peacetime, strong self-rehabilitation ability.

Ability to adapt to the external environment: Ability to adapt to the natural and social environment is strong.

How to adjust the balanced constitution?



Reasonable sleep, living should be regular, not excessive fatigue. It is better to walk slowly after meals than to sleep immediately after meals. Work and rest should be regular, work and rest should be combined, adequate sleep time should be maintained, and attention should be paid to the health of the four seasons.

Dietary recuperation


Diet is moderate, appropriate and timely, reasonable collocation;

It is appropriate to eat cold and warm food, seasonal food and fresh food.


Partial eclipse;

Smoking and drinking;

Sticky, cold and hard to digest.

Eating too sour, too sweet, too bitter, too hot, too salty, too cold, too hot, too greasy;

Simple vegetarian diet or long-term preference for a particular food;

Over hunger and over satiety.

physical exercise

Take part in moderate exercise according to age and sex. For example, young people can run and play ball properly, and old people can walk and play Taijiquan properly.

Moderate exercise plays an important role in metabolism, operation and nutrient absorption of various organs of the body. Generally speaking, a person needs half an hour of exercise every day, and aerobic exercise is better. You can practice Taijiquan more. Another sport is walking, walking for half an hour a day, which is not tired, but also able to exercise. So now many office workers will get off one stop earlier and walk to the unit, which is very helpful.

Emotional Regulation

Maintain an optimistic and cheerful mood, be aggressive, control extreme emotions, and eliminate the negative impact of adverse events in life on emotions in a timely manner.

In the face of disease, mentality is extremely important. We should treat it with healthy psychology, full of confidence in scientific treatment, and full of confidence in our perseverance. Any depression and anxiety will affect our normal life, our work, rest and diet, so it is very important to face the disease with healthy psychology.

Four Seasons Healthy Diet Nursing for Peaceful Constitution

For people with a peaceful constitution, health care should be dietary conditioning rather than medication, because people with a peaceful Yin and Yang are peaceful and do not need medication to correct the biases of Yin and Yang. If medication supplements are used, it is easy to destroy the balance of Yin and Yang. For dietary conditioning:

First of all, we should pay attention to the five tastes. Diet should be light, not preferential. Because of five tastes preference, it will destroy the balance of the body. For example, excessive acidity injures the spleen, excessive saltiness and sadness, excessive sweetness injures the kidney, excessive bitterness injures the liver, excessive bitterness injures the lung.

Secondly, while maintaining the balance between Yin and Yang, people with a peaceful constitution should also pay attention to the four-time changes of Yin and Yang in nature and adapt to this change in order to maintain the overall balance between Yin and Yang in themselves and in nature.

Furthermore, people with a peaceful constitution can choose food with the function of tonifying Yin and Yang to enhance their constitution.

This kind of food includes: japonica rice, Coix seed, cowpea, leek, sweet potato, pumpkin, ginkgo, walnut, longan, lotus seed, chicken, cattle, sheep and so on.

Spring. People with a peaceful constitution are advised to eat spicy and sweet food to diverge, but not to eat sour food. Eat leek, coriander, soybean sauce, radish, date, pork and so on.

Summer. It is advisable to eat more spicy food to help the lungs to control the heart, and the diet should be light rather than fat and sweet. Suitable for spinach, cucumber, towel gourd, winter melon, peach, plum, mung bean, chicken, duck and so on.

Autumn. In autumn, dried and easily injured body fluid is suitable for eating and moistening products to produce body fluid, but not Xinsan products. Suitable for tremella, apricot, pear, lentil, broad bean, duck, pork and so on.

Winter. It is better to eat warm tonic products to protect Yang Qi than cold ones. Suitable for Chinese cabbage, chestnut, date, black bean, concanavalin, mutton, dog meat, etc.