Month: July 2019

Healthy diet for patients with eczema

Eczema is the most common skin disease. The etiology of eczema is not clear at present. It is mainly caused by allergies caused by internal and external factors. The main internal causes are immune imbalance or deficiency, endocrine disorder, nutritional disorder, heredity and so on. The external causes are mainly ring. Allergens in environment and […]

What’s the fit foods for freckles?

If you look carefully, you will find that some people will have that small dense dark brown spots on their faces, which greatly affects our appearance. These spots are called freckles. Freckles can be eliminated theoretically, but we must take precautions in our daily diet and daily life, so as to effectively control the growth […]

What to eat for severe hair loss?

Whether men or women, there will be hair loss. With the increase of pressure around them, less exercise, poor diet and other issues, will lead to some people hair loss, and more and more serious, then hair loss is serious, what should we eat? What measures can be taken to save it in peacetime? This […]

Recipes for Night Insomnia Relief

Most people insomnia is related to what they eat, especially after dinner or dinner, some foods like strong tea, coffee and some stimulating foods have a refreshing effect, which will affect the quality of sleep. So what’s better to eat to alleviate insomnia at night? What porridge to drink for insomnia? Porridge is a light […]