The scientific comparisons of anti aging creams

Facial anti aging skin products reviews with comparison: When choosing an anti-aging cream, the first concern must be its paste texture, extensibility, and clarity. The texture and extension degree directly determines the amount of the number and is easy to absorb the light texture, refreshing anti-aging cream. It will not be too greasy, will not […]

What foods can antifungal?

rhizomes Garden radish Green radish garlic Green Chinese onion fruits tomatoMilk persimmon cauliflower CeleryLettuceApricot mushrooms Dried Auricularia auricula Agaric (watery) Bovine eye fungus Melons and fruits Banana Honey Sichuan Pepper Peppermint (dry) Chrysanthemum cinnamon Patchouli Cordyceps sinensis Scorpion Plantago (fresh) Peppermint (fresh)

What foods are good for antithrombotic?

Beans Black soya bean rhizomes garlic Garlic (purple skin) Dried ginger mushrooms Dried Auricularia auricula Tremella Dried mushroom Agaric (watery) Melons and fruits Papaya Pigs Pork intestine Pig heart carp Sichuan Pepper Persimmon leaf tea Tea water clove Peach kernel Scorpion Pueraria lobata Windbreak (root, fresh) Alpinia Rhizoma

What foods can improve nutritional anemia?

grains Buckwheat (with skin) Beans Adzuki Beans Flower bean Snow pea Four bean Adzuki bean porridge Flower beans (purple) bean products Yuba Red bean paste Red bean stuffing rhizomes Water celery cauliflower begonia fimbristipula mushrooms Agaric (watery) Melons and fruits peach Yellow peach Prunus Fresh jujube Ziziphus jujuba Black jujube Dates in liquor Sunflower seed […]

What foods can promote urination?

grains millet Flour millet flour rhizomes Green Chinese onion Scallion (red skin) fruits eggplant Eggplant Eggplant (purple skin, long) Eggplant (purple skin, round) Eggplant (green skin) Melons and fruits apple Pigs Pig brainPig heart Tea water Coffee bean Poria cocos Plantago (fresh) Cheqianzi (fresh)